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Welcome to Shareholders’ Square Table. This is where I intend to share my investing insights (such as when I first tweeted about Apple in 2013) and general philosophy on the markets. It also serves as a platform to unite and fight for our rights as shareholders and for true Corporate Democracy. Far too many investors are falling victim to a dysfunctional system that protects ineffective management. I will also post pertinent news stories, scholarly articles, and other relevant information to these issues.



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It’s completely absurd that some CEOs of poorly performing public companies earn as much at 700 times the wages of employees. Learn how our dysfunctional system of corporate governance allows for this and other serious issues that impact investors and America’s financial growth and stability. Correcting these absurdities at various companies can often greatly enhance a value of their stocks.  Icahn Enterprises (IEP) has taken an active role over the years in doing just this.
While there are many good CEOs, there are far too many inadequate ones that are strangling shareholders and the economy. They are protected by laws, regulations, and crony board members. Shareholders can reclaim their rights as the true owners of America’s companies by learning about the issues and what they can do to change them. Good corporate governance is good business.

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A lot of people died fighting tyranny. The least I can do is vote against it.
— Carl Icahn


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